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Architect In The Kitchen

Doing what? Cooking of course! What is the menu and what is the recipe? Cement, sand, granite, tiles timber, pipes, cables, sink, extractor fans, light fittings, doors and windows. Hoping these many ingredients will not spoil the cuisine. Bon appetite! Whether domestic or commercial, the architect’s focus inside the kitchen remains the same i. e. to deliver a functional and beautiful space that will promote the duty or business of cooking great meals. The kitchen can become the most colourful space in a building if and when the architect does a mindful details.

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Architecture in Nigeria

The practice of architecture in Nigeria confronts the professionals with the multiple challenges of reformation, transformation, creativity and much more. A lot of the traditional architecture had been lost through natural decay and cultural decadence.

The universal dialogue and debate about modernism or post-modernism are met in this clime with deaf response. The challenge is further compounded by the absence of data and statistics leading to a blind approach to creativity.

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