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Our projects include different types and sizes of buildings. The range and latitude of the works are wide and the challenge of dramatic change in moods and spatial focus gives us some joy as clientèle varies a lot and such unique experience is very exhilarating.

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About Y & P

Yusuf and Partners was incorporated in 1989 and commenced operation in 1990. The firm has been involved in the design and supervision of the construction of various types of buildings. It is gratifying when design and accomplishment enjoy a relative closeness in terms of volume and number.

The span of our experience stretches over residential buildings - houses of different sizes like detached units and including multiple housing complex; commercial buildings like hotels, shopping centre and transport station; industrial buildings like bonded warehouse, and factory; agricultural projects like vegetable farm and dairy farm with sales outlets; educational buildings from cradle to secondary classes and university hostels; and inspiring religious building stories that have seen us going spatially from mosques to church and further down the road to a grail temple; and then on the touch of lighter mood with the outdoor spirit of a water front resort.

Our Projects